ASHRAE NB/PEI Chapter Meeting Schedule 2018/2019

September 10th 2019

Topic: Tour of Dumont Hospital - Surgical Suites Addition and Renovation

Location: Dumont Hospital / Alma City Club

October 8th 2019

Topic: HVAC Pressurization Systems - Lessons Learned

Location: Alma City Club

November 12th 2019

Topic: Why Zero Carbon?

Location: Alma City Club

November 26th 2019

Topic: Society President Darryl Boyce Visit

Location: Casino NB

January 14th 2020

Topic: NB Power's Energy Efficiency Initiative

Location: Alma City Club

February 1st 2020

Topic: Wildcats Hockey Game vs Charlottetown

Location: Avenir Centre

February 11th 2020

Topic: Panel Discussion - HVAC Systems Balancing

Location: Alma City Club

April 14th 2020

Topic: Pool Dehumidification

Location: Alma City Club

May 6th 2020

MEET 2020: What Should Drive the Sustainability Bus?

Location: Moncton Coliseum

May 7th 2020

MEET 2020: Using Thermal Comfort Tools to Evaluate Discomfort Probabilities Due to Enclosure Design Choices

Location: Moncton Coliseum

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